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    So I was looking on Purdue Calumet's website and am thinking of applying to their accelerated program. After thinking about this for several months now, I am reconsidering their ABSN program. Is this a doable schedule? I am fearful I will fall behind and fail, but I have heard great things about this school and the program. Can someone explain what I would be learing in each class each semester.
    If you had the opportunity to take this absn program would you go this route (knowing this would be your schedule)? Please note, I am taking pre-req's right now, but so far I have a 3.5 GPA.

    Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing
    Plan of Study

    Semester 1 LEC LAB CR
    NUR 188 Foundations of Health Assessment and Health Promotion

    NUR 192 Foundations of Nursing (1
    st 8 wks.)
    NUR 196 Foundations of Psychosocial Nursing (1st 8 wks.)
    NUR 197 Practicum 1 (2nd 8 wks.)
    NUR 182 Conceptual and Theoretical Thinking in Nursing
    NUR 294 Essential Pharmacotherapeutics

    for Nursing

    Semester 2 LEC LAB CR
    NUR 282 Adult Nursing 1
    NUR 283 Practicum II
    NUR 286 Mental Health Nursing (1

    st 8 wks.)
    NUR 415 Pathophysiology
    NUR 390 Nursing Research
    NUR 391 Professional Ethics

    Semester 3 LEC LAB CR
    NUR 392 Adult Nursing II
    NUR 393 Practicum III (2

    nd 8 weeks)
    NUR 352 Gerontological Nursing
    NUR 482 Nursing Leadership and Management
    NUR 488 Capstone Course Preparation

    Semester 4 LEC LAB CR
    NUR 317 Nursing Care of Women through the Lifespan (1st 8 wks.)
    NUR 318 Maternity Practicum (2nd 8 wks.)
    NUR 361 Pediatric Nursing (1st 8wks.)
    NUR 362 Pediatric Nursing Practicum (2nd 8 wks.)
    NUR 485 Community Health Nursing Practice
    NUR 486 Community Health Nursing
    NUR 498 Capstone Course in Nursing

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    I'm not a Purdue student, but I am an ABSN student. My schedule is about the same as the one you posted. I didn't think I would have made it passed the first semester, but now I'm one semester left from graduating. These ABSN programs are tough, but doable. Prioritize, study hard, don't give up, and you'll eventually find the light at the end of the exhausting tunnel.
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    Personally, I found speaking with students in the program I will be attending eased my discomfort of the unknown. I even "met" these students on allnurses! They answered many of my questions about the program. (You can search for Purdue student accelerated and see what threads are pulled up.)

    To communicate with some students in the program, you can also call the school and ask if they can give you some email addresses.

    If you don't apply, you most definitely will not be accepted or begin classes.

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