Do you study over summer break?

  1. I just finished my first year of a three year program and have a nice three month break. After four weeks of relaxing and taking it easy, I'm getting anxious to start again and feel like I should be doing something such as reviewing my past year (finished Med Surg). Does anyone else study over break? Or should I force myself to not study till the very end for fear of getting burnt out? I'm considering making myself only review a little everyday (if I'm in the mood) and continue to do nothing since I won't get to do that for about 9 months starting in September. Thoughts?
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  3. by   LifesAJourney
    I think a balance of studying and relaxing is sufficent. I'm one who likes to study. I just like being prepare. However, I have to remind myself that I deserved and earned this break time.
  4. by   bluedove1
    Remember if you don't use it you loose it....summer brain drain happens to adults too
  5. by   crossfitnurse
    Honestly I think it depends on how you did over the semester. Some people just passed and I think review would be helpful, if you did well relax a bit to avoid burn out. The worst thing that can happen is burn out before you are even an RN. Then you end up hating your job and you are another one of those nurses who do everything half way... You've seen those in clinicals. Ya know the ones who don't even do sterile tech. For a cath. Yeeeeeaaaaaaa.
    ANYWAY - I'm RELAXING. When it comes time, it's time. Right now I'm enjoying life. Some people are studying but... Honestly... Why?
    I've had countless nurses tell me "when you graduate you'll forget it all" haha and they say you'll learn how the "real world" does it once you get a job because all places have certain ways of doing them. So you aren't high and dry when hired on. But - like I said - I think (personally) it depends how you did during the semester.
  6. by   DisneyNurseGal
    We have a 4 month break so I knew I could not relax the whole summer. I complete 100 NCLEX style practice questions a day. I make sure to read all of the rationales and do a QUICK search if I don't understand something in the rationales. Takes be about an hour to hour and a half a day, and it keeps me thinking!

    I do take time to relax and recharge before the fall starts, but I take the NCLEX in 5 months... that's motivation enough for me
  7. by   Cohiba
    I barely got my brain past "breathe in......breathe out......" over my summer break. Whatever infobit I might have learned from trying to study over BREAK (caps for emphasis) was way more than overwhelmed by the relaxation value of not studying + a gin and tonic diet for those 2 weeks...