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Different Versions of ATI Proctored Exams

  1. 0 I need help with the ATI! I failed the Proctored exam several weeks ago and was just wondering how many versions are there of the proctored exam? Does that mean it's only two versions since our Practice, Non Proctored exams were A & B version?

    Thank you
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    When you log on to ATI to do your practice exams, there are 3 tabs across the bar were the exams are listed. Click the tutorials tab and you'll find plenty of practice exams there. Check with your school because they may also have codes and passwords to access other practice test.
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    I have the codes for the practice exam but what about the retake Proctored exam? Are there only 2 versions?
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    My school doesnt do retakes for proctored exams. We get one shot and if we dont score a level 2 or higher, we get a big fat ZERO. Those test are 7% of our grade for the class. We try to have a high enough percentage going into it so we dont have to worry about it making or breaking us.
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    ati is hard but i found out a cool trick on helping you study. let me know if you still need help on it. there are usually two forms for ati for each subject. form a and form b and they could be hard because sometime the professor don't even agree with their answers
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    there are two forms A and B
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    I'm taking my ati for fundamentals. I would love to hear your study tips.
    Thank you!

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