Data Dumping and Nursing School

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    Hi all, this is my first post on AN. I was accepted into a generic bsn nursing program that starts this fall. Iím super excited and scared. I did a lot of data dumping during my science prerequisites. I would study to get good grades on exams, and pass the classes with all Aís. There are days when I feel that, even if I had retained some of the information, it would be a small percentage. I took those courses 3 years ago. As the old saying goes ďIf you donít use it, you lose it.Ē I have completed all of my prereqs. My nursing advisor told me I would only be enrolled in nursing courses. I wonít receive my schedule for another 3 weeks.

    I want to be successful in my program. I'm taking pharmacology and patho over the summer at a cc. Iím weak in math so, I think itís best to be proactive.

    My questions are:

    I know I will need to review medical terminology. Should I review a & p, I and II?

    Will any of my nursing courses have things on cell biology like mitosis, plasma membrane
    system, dna, etc?

    Should I review some chemistry even though I am taking pharm over the summer?

    NOW, I totally understand I WILL NOT get through nursing school by data dumping. The nurses have given me some great advice on my unit about ns. However, I couldnít tell anyone thatís how I got the science grades. Therefore, I could not ask this question at work. Soooooo, Iím asking here.

    Thanks in advance to all that reply!

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    DEFINITELY review a&p. Focus on the cardiac and respiratory systems. I never took a chemistry class in my life, and I don't think it would have helped me. Nothing Chem related so far. Same with cells. The only thing I had to know about cells this semester was if chemotherapeutic drugs work best on dividing or resting cells. Most definitely spend some time reviewing a&p though. It will make things so much easier to remember. Good luck, and congrats on starting school!
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    To me, the key to nursing school being easy was a thorough understanding of A&P II. If you know how the systems function and interact, then you can puzzle out the answer to pretty much any question.

    The most important question to ask yourself as a nurse/nursing student is "why?". And understanding how the human body systems function is critical to answering that question. There is more to it of course, but A&P II is the foundation upon which you'll build your nursing education.

    In the words of Dennis Miller (back when he was funny), "That's my opinion, I may be wrong."
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    Great advice, I am glad I came across this post. I feel like some of the info I just learned in A&P I is slipping away - I mean do they really give you enough time to learn and retain all the info, without using it everyday it is impossible to retain it all. OP, I really think most people study to do well on a test because unless you see the info daily and apply it, it just is not going to fully stick! I am sure a lot will come back once you are exposed again. I think reviewing ahead of time is a good plan! Even just a cliff note style book...
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    Thank you all for responding. I will make time in my schedule to go over the body systems. I just cannot wait until school starts. I want my schedule now, lol. I'm ready to crack those books open!

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