Confused about nursing research

  1. I am getting ready to start an ABSN program and I dont like writing i am also not very good at it. I just found out that the particular program I was accepted into has a ton of writing invloved. Im ok with writing a care plan or jurnaling but dont know anything about APA style and type like a turtle.

    1- when I hear there is a lot of writng is that mostly term/research papers? ( Best guess please)
    2- Nursing research is the second semester. Is there anything I should/can do to prepare for this class, since it will most likely included the most writing.
    3- this next question may be comical to some but.... If i have someone do the typing after I write the paper (just the typing-word processing) is that ok?
    4-this is the only thing about nursing school that scares me! does anyone know of a program that doesnt reequire a lot of term papers. I know I should try to overcome this fear and try and master the art but while taking 29 credits in one semester, i dont know if i will have that luxury.
    5-another silly question, what exactly is nursing reseach class? Could someone exxplain what it entails. Do you study or research trends in illness and patient care?

    Any tips, advise, warnings , clarification would be great! I start in 2 weeks
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  3. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    I am also in an ABSN program and we have a lot of paper to write. I think it comes with the nature of the beast. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having someone to type your paper. There are programs out now that you can speak and the program will type your words. This may be a viable option for you. As for APA, you can get yourself the newest pocket guide that teaches you how to set up the paper. If you dislike writing and aren’t very good at it, utilize your writing lab at school. They will check your paper for content, clarity and APA formatting.
    In my nursing research course, we had a week of statistics. Then we studied qualitative research, then quantitative. The statistics part of my course was easy. It allowed us to quickly determine the worth of the research papers we were to write about. For example, without going into detail, if you looked for research papers to support your claims or position in a paper, you would want to make certain your research papers have a value of p<0.01 this indicates the research paper is significant. You will learn all of the terminology in your course. As our final, we were required to “tear apart” a research paper. We had to find all of the strengths and weaknesses of the research paper. We also had to do a literature review paper in class. It is not a difficult course. I enjoy research though.
  4. by   katiehydrangea
    Wow thanks for the help! I will start looking into the pocket guide, voice activated sytem and the lab is a great idea. I appreciate you explaining the class as well. I love this forum!
  5. by   ashleyisawesome
    Purdue OWL: APA Formatting and Style Guide

    i use this for all of my apa papers, its really helpful.. and free!
  6. by   BCRNA
    Not really anything you should do to prepare for the research class. You won't do any research. Just learn about the types and how to critique it. Will learn about all the parts that make it up. Not a hard class really, just new terminology to learn. And all ABSN's are primariily about papers, every class has one. It isn't as bad as it sounds, you will do great. It is more busy work than anything else.
  7. by   katiehydrangea
    Thanks! Did you attend a ABSN program or know people who did? I spoke with a gal that went through the same school but did the traditional program and said she only had less than a handfull of papers to write, i am hoping its the same for the school's accelerated program.
    Thanks again for clarifying the class, I was sure it was all about writing so very pleased I was wrong.
  8. by   BCRNA
    The program I went to it was the same for both. I did the regular, my mom and sister did the absn.
  9. by   markostalin
    It depends on what school you go to..some offer master's and some don't. Pheonix of Arizona is an online school,they offer nursing programs,their website might help