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  1. 0 We need to do a concept map centered around our pt.'s main diagnosis & connect risk factors, symptoms, treatment, co-morbidities etc. My problem is my pt does not have a diagnosis. She has a bunch of symptoms (fever, diarrhea, headache, altered mental status, elevated WBC), a possible infection of unknown origin is all I have to go on at this point. My instructor said I should focus on leukocytosis, but I can't find much information. Need some help with symptoms that one might have with an elevated WBC count and risk factors. It just seems way too broad. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    First of all, I will say that I hate concept maps with a passion, and am totally no good at them, but...

    Could you maybe use your patient as the "middle" and then branch off with s&s and then branch off further with possible differential diagnoses? Does the physician have any suspicions as to what is going on? Have they ruled anything out? You could approach it from that perspective as well- patient, s&s, doctors supicions, labs/tests, and keep going on to where you are now.

    If all else fails, can you ask your instructor to use another patient?

    Sorry, I know this probably hasn't helped much. Good luck to you though!!!

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