Classmate Reported Our Instructors to the BON

  1. Nursing school isn't easy. I don't know who hoodwinked one of my classmates into thinking that he could waltz through nursing school with A's and never once fail a test. After a test that almost everyone in class failed, our teachers bent over backwards to award extra points and allow two answers for some questions.

    I guess this wasn't enough. He called the BON to complain. I'm not sure what this means for the program or how we can mitigate the damage.

    Has anyone experienced this? What can we do? Will issuing a statement as the rest of the class help?

    Our teachers are fantastic and work as hard as we do.
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  3. by   iteachob
    No, I haven't experienced this, but the Board of Nursing is unlikely to do much (if anything) over a student complaint about a test! The Board is more interested in the success of the nursing program as a whole. If your school has qualified faculty, follows board of nursing regulations, and is graduating students who are successful on the boards (each state has their benchmark as to what percentage pass rate is required for a school to remain in good standing), I wouldn't worry.

    Your classmate sounds like he needs to learn about your school's grade appeal process!
  4. by   ckh23
    The BON is not going to give a crap. What an idiot. You should explain to him that he'll probably have a target on his back and instructors may look for just about anything to fail him. Give him a box of tissues and tell him to get over himself and study harder.
  5. by   Seas
    That's plain ridiculous. Just because very many people failed a test doesn't automatically make the instructor bad enough to be reported to BON. Even if you really had a terrible instructor where you wanted to report, there are many steps before going to BON. lol. Obviously he doesn't know what he is doing or trying to threaten instructors, like BON would take him seriously in this case.
    If that happened in my school, he would be the target for the instructors. If he is going extreme like this and try to put people in trouble for anything, the instructors have right to do the same and seriously address every single mistake he is doing in school and clinical.
    Sorry for his luck, he now has a reason to worry about.