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Hello! I did very well my first unit, taught by a certain teacher. This unit is taught by another and the majority of my class is COMPLETELY lost! When the teacher gives examples, it makes sense but... Read More

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    need nursing care plan for a patient with pregnancy induced hypertension.
    you will not find one on the internet or allnurses to copy. besides, that would be plagiarism. begin by investigating the causes and pathophysiology of hypertension in pregnancy. the nursing problems (nursing diagnoses) will be based upon the symptoms that the patient gets. for more direction in how to go about constructing the care plan, see this thread: - help with care plans. this thread has weblinks to ob websites: Medical Disease Information/Treatment/Procedures/Test Reference Websites - medical disease information/treatment/procedures/test reference websites
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    could you please share your care plan/mini maps?

    Thanks Beth
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    Could you please share these with me. Thank you. Beth
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    Quote from bstod16
    could you please share your care plan/mini maps?

    thanks beth
    you can find examples of mini maps on this thread: - care maps.

    it is difficult to find care plans on the internet. here are some that are currently available to view:
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    Wow. Brilliant, practical & easy! Thanks
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    Thank you so much!!! We just started learning about concept maps and I was freaking out, but this helped me realize it is really just common sense with a lot of knowledge mixed in. Now I think I can actually do this!!!!
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    We had to buy a book called "Careplans Made Easy" and it lists all NANDA approved nursing diagnoses, their implications, and when you would use them. Remember from lecture that a risk for nursing diagnosis has two parts (the diagnosis and r/t, which stands for related to) a risk for diagnosis does not have AEB- as evidenced by- because it is a risk and is not currently happening. For exaple, risk for imbalanced nutrition r/t decreased LOC following trauma. Also recall that an actual diagnosis has three parts, the diagnosis itself, r/t, and AEB. The actual nursing diagnosis has these three parts because it is actually occuring. An example of this would be acute pain r/t surgical procedure AEB patient writhing in bed and states, "pain is 9/10." When writing a care plan, try to break each portion down. First, find an appropriate diagnosis, then decide what it is related to. Pain, for example, can be related to a lot of things. Pain can be caused by injury, surgical procedure, illness, medical procedures, etc. Once you've figured out the diagnosis and what it is related to, figure out how you know it's occuring. Your signs and symptoms are your AEB. You know your patient is in pain because they are screaming, moaning, writhing in bed, or telling you that they are in pain. Careplans get easier with time, as does picking out nursing diagnoses and phrasing them. Just hang in there and keep practicing.
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    pl Can anyone help my first careplan what wil be the nursing diagnosis for a pt who came in with dyspnea, coughing and is febrile 109.5