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Hey guys! Starting my nursing class on September 5. I am nervous, excited and did I say nervous. Let's start a thread together and support each other on this journey. Got all my books but I have yet to buy my uniform and shoes. I... Read More

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    Quote from Tonks57
    Hi everyone! I am just finishing up with my first term. It has been amazing. I am in love with it. About to move onto Med Surg which I am thrilled about and I start clinical on November 8th! Super excited and nervous at the same time! I love reading everyones posts. We all can and will do this! It is almost 2013 which means 2014 is that much closer!
    have you taken your hesi(final) for first semester? i have mine at the end of nov. i am starting to study for it. i was wondering how did you study for it? im looking at everything randomly and i dont have a system
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    They haven't even told us what to expect for our test- it's Kaplan. End of the month, I'm not going to stress about it yet. I have enough to worry about with 3 more weeks of clinicals and 3 more exams too! I am still averaging high 80's low 90's on everything, for which I am grateful! There are probably 5 people who are flunking at least one class. It's so stressful! So worth it, but I'm getting tired. Lol
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    So how did you all do in your first semester??? I passed with a solid B. real happy with that. Clinicals was awesome, and I learned lots. Going to enjoy my vacation as much as I can. I already have my med-surg book for next semester so I'm not going to completely relax, going to try and get a little jump on next semester. Hope you are all still going strong.
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    I'm starting my accelerated BSN next month and will graduate in May 2014. I'm super excited to start!!! My first semester it's going to be pharm, med/surg 1 with lab/clinicals, and junior seminar (whatever that turns out to be). Anybody know any good places to get textbooks for cheap? Good luck to everyone and congrats to us all!!!
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    I'm starting a ADN program in January, graduating December 2014
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    I just finished my first semester ADN program with 2 As and 1 B. graduate May 2014
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    I finished on the 12th. I knew nursing school was going to be difficult but I still don't think that prepared me for the stress level I'd be under for two years! I'm already looking forward to graduation
    I finished this semester with a 4.0. We shall see what the next semester brings. We already got our reading list for the first few weeks of class, so I guess my break isn't as free as I thought it would be. Boo.
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    I am so happy that we are finished with the first semester!!! I am grateful for passing and moving on to the next semester! We only have three semesters left I think I figured out what I need to do to pass every semester so I am thrilled! We are doing OB, peds, and med-surg next semester. I wish I could just sit back and relax for next semester but I can't. I am slowly reading my books for next semester. I know that we will start back with IVs so I am going to get that done. I hope you all enjoy your break!!
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    Found this thread again. We are coming down the home stretch. I am starting semester 4 of 5 this Fall and super excited. A little over 9 months till graduation!
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    Yes I am excited to be two semesters away from graduating!!!! We graduate May 16th.