Burlington County College Nursing Pre-Req's-Need Clarification...help!

  1. After graduating next year, May 2012 from Rutgers, I've decided to go back to school for nursing. My undergraduate GPA right now isn't too competitive for Second-Degree programs right now so I'm going to take a graduate school test (which is what most four year schools require if you dont have a high GPA), probably the GRE or the MAT. Ive also decided to go to BCC and do their nursing program and then transfer to a four year and do a Second Degree program for RN's that have a non-nursing bachelors degree.

    Anyways, Ive been reading the requirements for BCC nursing program but Im really confused as to what classes I need to have done in order to do the Nursing program. Some lists have them mixed up with all the other courses you do once you are in the program. I have some of them completed like Intro to Psych and Intro to Soc since I've took them here at Rutgers and Im sure they will transfer over since I've talked to the registrar's office before when I took summer classes there on break.

    Can someone help clarify what pre-req's I need to have done to apply? Thanks!
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  3. by   maddiem
    Prerequisite courses vary from school to school...but generally they include anatomy & physiology I&II, chemistry, microbiology (my school lets us take it during the nursing program), psychology...I would contact someone in the nursing department and ask them or go see a counselor. Good luck!
  4. by   kayak133
    Good luck to you. My cousin hires a lot of Burlington County Community College grads!! Are you a Burlington County resident? That may also play a role in the administrations decision to have you participate in clinical. Would also second Maddiem. I am familiar with Mercer County Community College's nursing program. I have to comment: it might be closed to you if you are out of county. In my opinion, they have straightened out and fine-tuned their admittance procedures. The Mercer County Community College program in W Windsor NJ is very intense. 15 week semester is divided into 3 five week mini-courses. 4 nights per week if you are participating in the evening program. Instructors are excellent. I had to leave it because I have to work full time to support myself. Good luck with Burlington County.