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BSN after MSN anyone?

  1. 0 Hello all!

    Is there anyone here with a non-nursing bachelor's and an ADN-MSN who later found it necessary to complete a BSN? If so, what were the circumstances that required the BSN?

    I'm curious as I'm strongly considering the ADN-MSN route, which would be far less expensive than pursuing a BSN-MSN, since I have a bachelor's in another field. Ultimately, I'd like to teach in a community college setting.


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    If you have a Masters, there would be no reason to get a BSN after the fact...
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    I would expect that you would be just fine. I can't think of any reason why any employer would require you to have a BSN when you already have an MSN. As long as it's an accredited program...and I would ask different recruiters in your area at any place you would consider working just to be 100% sure. See what they think of the program itself (or at least the grads who come out of it) in addition to the degree question.