Books to Study Before My Course

  1. I was just wondering would anybody have any recommendations on books to buy before I start my nursing course?

    I want to go in prepared with some knowledge. I've heard people recommending med-surg books? What are they? What about books on clinicals?

    Any recommendations would be great!
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  3. by   Nepenthe Sea
    I recommend maybe getting a medical terminology book to begin with. It will help you get used to the words and abbreviations used. If you haven't had A&P yet, it might not hurt to get A&P Made Incredibly Easy, or something along those lines. Same for microbiology and chemistry.

    A med surg book is about medical-surgical nursing, which is probably one of the first nursing classes you will encounter. Before you get a med surg book, you might get a fundamentals book first, since it has basic stuff like skills (bed-making, dressing changes, etc.). I got one from the Incredibly Easy series, and it was helpful. There is also a med surg book in that series, if you are interested. I usually get some kind of book before I go into a course, just to get a heads up on what the course will be like.

    For clinicals, I have How To Survive Clinical (or something like that), and it is published by Kaplan. It had alot of good tips in it.