books and resource books you couldn't live without 1st term

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    Hi just got accepted to an AS program and was wonder what books you couldn't have lived without your first semester. Classes start in a couple weeks and i would love to really be prepared. Thanks
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    All the NClex reviews books! Look for ones that are categorized by topic, and those that have explanations to the answers. I know you won't have to take the NClex for a few years but it's the best way to study for your nursing school exams.

    Not a textbook, but get ready to do a lot of flash cards! A lot of the stuff really does require hard core memorization and flash cards are awesome for that.

    Good luck my dear!!
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    I wish I had used the Saunders book (my favorite for NCLEX studying) to study for med-surg!
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    I start the LPN-RN program in August, I already purchased Saunder's NCLEX review book. I'll use it to study from for every exam.

    Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary is also a must have.
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    I also purchased the saunders nclex and it seems like it would really be helpful in studying for exams as well ad prep for nclex