Beginning First Semester of Nursing School

  1. Okay so of course the first words out of my mouth are going to be " I have no nursing experience and would like to ask hundreds of questions." To begin my impression of school so far is that yes we of course are going to not have any idea about the nursing process or how to just write up a care plan really quick. I can read information and remember it but, if a student has never been a nurse how is it that on our exams for nursing school all of the questions that they ask us are about nursing issues and experiences? I get it critical thinking. So my question is this, how do I learn pharmacology the book is tedious with way to many details and I have 3 ch. to cover asap. Its cray if I tried to remember all of this info. If I did remember it all then the questions they ask on my test would have nothing to do with what I learned it will be a scenario question. Please ideas on what I need to do?
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  3. by   sosopretty08
    If I could go back to the beginning of nursing school, I would definitely realize that yes there is so much to learn with nursing but professors have their own idea about what is important. During class write down any questions that you have, then GO TO OFFICE HOURS held by your instructor. Hardly anyone does it, not only will you get personal one to one time but you will find out what your instructor thinks is most important out of all that crap you have to memorize. Plus tell them your concerns they will remember you. Your grades are what matters most now all that other nursing junk will come with time.
  4. by   alindberg
    I would recommend you getting some books with NCLEX style questions in them. You can get NCLEX study books, or you can get books that are tailored to specific subjects with NCLEX style questions in them. (Pharm, Med Surge, Fundamentals, Maternal/Infant Nursing, etc.) Your pharm book may have some questions in them and you may also find questions online, in other books, etc.

    I also agree with sosopretty08. Schedule time with your instructor during office hours and ask for guidance on what or how to study this subject. If your instructor is willing to help, he/she will be the best source of help! Good luck!