Be a Rock Star!

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  2. You are a winner! Don't let anyone tell you any different. Your dreams will come true. You can do this by focus on school and taking care of yourself.

    Eat good and think positive. Have friends around you who are in nursing school. Don't be the student who is always down .. who is always alone. Think of nursing school not just as a place to learn about nursing but as an opportunity improve your communication skills.

    Take advantage of what's around you. Form a group ... a group you can relate to ... people you can share with. This will help you stay motivated and positive.

    Do you have any tips to share?
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  4. by   Tigerfly82
    I had this, a group of students I thought I could relate with. One of them had been a friend for years. And along came the drama! Then, the rumors. I was reported to the dean for standing up for myself. These girls make up half my clinical group. Since this happened (beginning of semester) they have done anything/everything in their power to make me hate nursing school. Since they complained on me, Im afraid to say anything because I dont want to be removed from my group. Im fairly certain theyve involved other staff as well, based on the attitudes I get from other instructors. I dont know what to do.