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Hi everyone, I had the worst day at clinical today. :o We're in a long term care facility for the next six weeks. We began clinicals yesterday, and I actually had one of those "I know I want... Read More

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    I just wanted to second everything everybody here has said already.

    YOU aren't the problem, Nurst B*tch is.....

    I had that happen to me this morning as I was leaving my night shift, trying to help out the new agency nurse that was taking over for me.

    The "Staff" nurse made a bunch of snide and nasty comments about "Everything she needs to know is in the medix, and if she can't handle it, then she should go home." This as I was attempting to tell the agency nurse who spits, throws food, takes meds with ice cream, etc....

    Her "just let her find out" attitude is the same one I dealt with when I started working there as an agency nurse.

    I lived through her, and will continue to work there in SPITE of her. I know I am a damn good nurse, better by far than Ms. Staff Nurse, and I know that the CNAs don't hide when they see me coming.

    Rise above, and prove to yourself that you are a good nurse, and will get better with time.

    As luck would have it, I get to work with Ms. Staff Nurse for the day shift tomorrow.

    I will think about you and send prayers and positive thoughts to you.

    Hang in there, Krista.

    Not all of the nurses you encounter will be like her.


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    Let me know how it turns out! Hope it works for you!
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    Thanks, everyone.

    I'm studying today for my theory test tomorrow, so I guess that means I'm not leaving this week. I'm still dreading the thought of going back to clinical on Thursday, but I'll deal with that later this week...

    Thanks again. I'm going to print out some of your responses to keep with me for when I get discouraged.

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    If it makes you feel any better you are not alone.

    I attend an ADN program and I am in my 3rd semester. We are doing our OB rotation now. I have never been pregnant.

    I was told to discharge my patient. (The first day of the rotation with textbook knowledge only). The coassigned nurse (hospital nurse) tells me she is not my instructor and she did not have time to review discharge instructions with me. This should be something I was taught in school and she does not get paid to teach me! She does not know why I am given two patients as a student. Nice huh. I was only going to ask her where the discharge forms where kept, if she needed to check the patient's episiotomy site and where her spouse could pick up the patient.

    I went and did all the teaching and assesment. My instructor cosigned the discharge and dragged me to the nursing supervisor to repeat this story. The nurse then appoligized to me and said she did not realize you were in your third semester. My instructor shocked me and told her she should not treat any nursing student like that regardless of what there status in the program is. She also told her that you need to go back and remeber when you were in school we are not born knowing how to be a nurse.

    Personalities like this nurse at the hospital only make me stronger because it fuels me to excel. Nursing is a profession not a job. Profession people always act professional. Rude and ungreatful nurses should not fuel you to drop your dream of becoming a Nurse! Chalk it off as a learning experience as to not how to be! Hope this helps sorry it is so long.
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    Just wanted to update you on what happened today after yesterday morning.

    Seems the new "agency" nurse was the nurse from hell, who made about 15 med errors, (she is older than me, and a RN, AND been doing this a "long time" according to her.) had NO clue as to what the diff is between a NEBULIZER and an INHALER...--gave the inhaler instead of the neb rx....

    And so on and so on, must have been the nightmare on Elm street kind of day.....

    I got to work this morning, and Ms STAFF nurse came running up to me, hugged me, and said, "THANK GOD you are here.....don't EVER leave me again!!!!""

    I darn near dropped my teeth!!!!

    She promised me that she would have a chat with the Nurse Manager and tell her how I SAVED her today!!! ain't all bad...

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    Reading these posts, I want to say that most of these nurse cannibals would be dropped and dropped hard if they tried any of that crap with an old and seasoned RN. They do it, and are used to getting away with it because students don't have a support system built up on the floor, and because as students you always walk around with that little niggle of doubt that maybe you ARE a stupid know nothing. Reasonable when you keep in mind all the information you get thrown at you every day, and you need to keep it straight and then pull it out and use it.

    Look, if someone treats you in a way that you would not put up with on the street it is still not OK in the hospital. I guess that telling them off would not be wise, if you are still learning the norms of the hospital. But please move away from tears to anger, this is not a problem you caused, it's her(or him), and if any of us oldies were there they would be thrashed in a quick second. We need you guys, so hang in there.

    And, by the way, one of the greatest feelings you'll get is when a group of nurses unite to deal with a problem child be that a doc, nurse, whatever. Wait for it, it's pretty cool.

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