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Hi everyone! I am starting an ADN program in the fall (yee!!!) and I was wondering if anyone had any backpack recommendations. I want something that will last the two years I'm in school, but it also needs to be economical. I... Read More

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    I love my bag on rollers. It is a back saver! Just make sure you get good rollers or it won't last long.

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    I think I'm going with the High Sierra Powerglide off
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    That's what I have. I think you'll like it a lot.
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    I've had mine 2 years now (at least) and it's a Nike brand bag. Its got a decent sized main pouch that fits a couple textbooks and a notepad or two and a pocket that holds a 15" laptop. It's also got 2 side mesh pockets and a front pocket that I stuff writing material, computer cables, and so on in there. I'm actually not too sure what's in there... but it seems like Ragu, is in there! The bag also has relatively comfortable shoulder straps but I rarely use them. The only downside I've found is that the wheels are pretty hard, so it creates a lot of noise when I'm walking on anything except completely smooth sidewalk. I'm pretty sure that my backpack is this one: Nike Accessories Rolling Laptop Backpack (Black): Clothing

    I think we paid less than what is quoted there, but then again, that was 2 years ago and I really don't remember what I paid for it. What I can definitely say is that it has performed quite well since I got it!

    Oh, and it really has been a back-saver. You certainly don't have to get one like mine. Many of my classmates use other bags and backpacks. Only a couple use a roller. Whatever you do, get something that's well made. You'll spend more in replacing junk with more junk if you don't. Most of the time all you'll need is something that can carry a textbook, a binder, some pens and pencils, and perhaps a snack or lunch. Nothing fancy...

    When going to clinicals, I use a much smaller, lighter backpack that I've had for YEARS. I just use it to carry lunch/snacks, a couple reference books, and the paperwork I need for the day. That one, fully loaded, probably weighs in at less than 5 pounds.
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    Ok... so it's not a traditional "back pack" but, it is very sturdy for those huge nursing books, has tons of deep pockets around the outside for pens/pencils, notecards, tools, COFFEE/water, etc., it's water resistant, inexpensive ($59 at Home Depot) when compared to 'real' rolling back packs, the top of it completely unzips and folds up and out so everything inside is easily accessible, and did I say it's TOUGH!? (It is after all built for carrying heavy tools around jobsites). Wish it came in another color besides bright red w/ black trim but, I love it all the same
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    I have this one. It's a back pack on wheels, pretty sturdy and not crazy expensive, lot's of pockets, plus you can get you initials on it so no one "accidentally" takes it with them.
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    Lots of gurls at my school have these. I'm thinking about getting one when I start in the fall. 7 books is a lot to carry on my back lol. Hopefully I don't have to take them all at once but if I do I wanna be prepared. I like the second one better looks like it can be more organized.

    There's a 40% coupon on this site also.

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