Are you or anyone you know getting burned out in school?

  1. A nursing education can be stressful. But how do we recognize stress? What are the symptoms? What to look for? Most importantly how do we relieve stress? Please share your knowledge or tips below.

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  3. by   jmiraRN
    I had burnout the last 6 months of it. What helped me a lot was close relationships with a couple of classmates where we could not just study, but vent and come up with solutions. Support at home is nice, but support of fellow classmates who feel your pain is priceless.
  4. by   JC1130
    starting to get burned out my self.... graduation date is 12/9/13 and it cant come soon enough!
  5. by   joantzoe
    My first day of Nursing is tomorrow (1st year). I am a nervous wreck already. :/
  6. by   ruralnurse84
    I got so burned out the last month of my last quarter of 1st year. I have been out of school for almost 3 months and have not looked at my book once. I go back in a few weeks for my 2nd year and hope it goes well.
  7. by   gianegizelle
    my others friend burned from the last quarter of the semester...she said because of being bored at the class...i said WHAT?!?