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So I'm just wondering... I'm starting nursing school on the 7th at Nova Southeastern University in FL and I wanted to know any thoughts about what a nurse "should" look like. I don't even know if... Read More

  1. by   ianursestudent15
    Hi!!!As what they've already mentioned, it may depend on the school where you want to enrol, but in our school, they're strict about tattoos and hair color
  2. by   Mrs.Priss
    In my nursing school, you cannot have hair color other than normal colors (blonde, red,brown, black, grey, etc), and no showing tattoos. I think expressing yourself through appearance is very unique! I used to have hot pink hair, 1" gauges in my ears, lip and cheeck piercings. I Wore very heavy make-up and dressed a little goth, but still girly. I LOVED IT! I myself went through a phase that quickly changed after I lost 100lbs got pregant and married. You can still be unique without the hair color and tattoos showing at work or school. I think about it this way, I know how my family percieved me when I expressed myself with a BOLD appearance. A lot of people do not accept and do not like it. You really need to think about your patients and who you will be working with. Put yourself in their shoes. I think there is a certain appearance that nurses should give off. I think it should be approachable. Even if you are the friendliest best nurse in the entore world, a lot of people are intimidated by wild hair color and appearance. JMO! Hope that helps!
  3. by   Mrs.Priss
    Quote from Shorty11
    The important thing to remember, like previous posters have said so much better than I, it is not about you... It is about the patient. I have nothing against people expressing themselves, but being at clinicals or work is not about you and your self-expression. There are other times to express who you are outside of school and work.
    Best of luck!
    WELL SAID!!! That's exactly what I was trying to get across!!! This just sounds better than what I said!!! lol