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Just wondering :) I see so many things about HESI and very little about ATI. My school uses ATI and requires us to pass it as final exams in most of our nursing courses. How does you school use ATI?... Read More

  1. by   cobible
    Quote from gj519620
    My SON actually recently switched from ATI to HESI and its 10% of our final grade in each nursing course.
    Have to get at least a level 2 proficiency to pass, and the the score gets scaled some 10-20 points based on our percentage which equals our grade.

    Our college uses ATI proctored exams throughout the program for assessing student learning. If students do not achieve level 2 they are required to remediate as part of learning...not failing a course and out of a program. The seniors take the comprehensive ATI proctored exam as predictor for NCLEX-RN success. Our college pass rate is 97-100% on NCLEX.
  2. by   BlueEyedGuy
    Oh god, does my school use ATI? Yes, way too much.

    We use it for 3 gated exams; gated meaning, if you don't pass the test to their standard you don't pass the course. Well sort of, the last gate is weird.
    • Semester 2 gate: Fundamentals- need level 2 (take one test form of it during fundamentals in Semester 1, and again gated in semester 2)
    • Semester 3 gate: Med-Surg- need level (don't remember)- 4 out of 60 failed it in the last class, and have to retake Adult Health II.
    • Semester 4 "gate": ATI comprehensive- need level 3 by second attempt, or ATI remediation and you can't take NCLEX until the ATI proctor clears you. Can delay your NCLEX by a month or so but can't fail you.
    We get 2 attempts on these gates.
    Then about 75% of the professors will use an ATI exam as a final (these are not gates). Scoring is funky, level 1 = 60%, level 2 = 70%, level 3 = 80%, and then you can do optional remediation to add 20% to your score. So, basically everyone does the stupid remediation.
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  3. by   flyhawkfly
    My school uses ATI, but we don't have a required grade to pass. We are simply required to buy the books, and take the test-miss the test and you fail. Other then that, it doesn't matter. If you get a level 3, you get 3 extra points added to your final grade for that class, and level 2 you get one point.

    Also, out of the 4 I've taken, only one of them has actually been at the end of the semester. The others were scheduled in the middle, so there were many questions that we were going to cover, but hadn't yet. The instructors even tell us not to worry if we don't do that well.

    Because of that, very few people actually take these tests seriously, which is a shame, because I've heard they really help prepare you for the NCLEX.
  4. by   daisyfleur70
    We use ATI also. 2 of my classes have used it as a final exam, but others have counted it for 5% of the grade. Next semester (and my last in my BSN program) We will take the ATI NCLEX predictor and that will be worth 30% of our grade in that course.