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Has anyone taken an online microbiology course and if so, can you tell me where and how your experience was? I would love to know how the course is structured online... such as, do you have to get... Read More

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    Thanks for the information Sand Dollar! I am going to take your advise and register for the online micro course through CCC. I'll let you know how it goes! I can't believe the Fall semester is almost over!!! Time flies….

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    WOW! It is crazy how different the same class can be at different locations. My online Micro class was great but I had wished I was able to take the lecture portion onsite. Ours was called a "hybrid" course. The lecture portion was all self taught while we met for labs every Fridays from 9am-1pm. Our exams were given in a testing center on campus and we usually had a time frame for which we had to complete it by. I chose to always take mine on Sundays. Our exams usually consisted of 75-100 multiple choice questions followed by 7-8 essays. It was a tough tough class but so interesting. I loved the lab meetings and my instructor was great!
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    Wow, your class sounds like it was completely different! I wonder if CCC Micro exams include essays or if they are all multiple choice. Sand Dollar, can you explain the format of the tests? 2 hours seems like a long time limit. There must be a lot of questions.
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    Hi LadyBug. Have you registered to Pueblo Community College. I think I'm going to register there as well.
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    Sorry Ladybug and you too Spalding75, I haven't been following this thread and haven't had much time to surf the site... 5 classes keep me busy!

    If you look at the micro info page it shows 5 exams, 7 quizzes (I think 7), AYK questions which are essays, a mystery lab and 12 labs. Everything you do online is multiple choice but your AYK's you submit for grading just like the labs. The exams are 50 questions, so with 2 hours that is 3 minutes a question. The time is nice to check your work. You get all the questions at once and can go back and change anything until you hit submit. I just looked back (I copy and paste all my finished exams to word files) and got 100% on the first test that took 1:27:26.... lots of time left over!

    If either of you have questions about ccconline, feel free to drop me a PM or post a message on my profile. There are just four more days until the end of the semester and I can't wait... I'm tired of writing, I miss my sciences!!

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    Hi Spalding,

    I haven't yet registered as I still need to submit my transcript for the AP course I took. I do plan on registering for micro at Pueblo as soon as they receive all the required documents. Hopefully within the next week or so.

    Let me know if you end up registering.

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