Anyone had to group interview to get into the nursing program?

  1. Hey all,

    I found out I made the cut... almost. My school is requiring the last round of prospective students to come in for a group interview before they all give us a score and we are finally admitted or not. I have never done a group interview and have no idea what they are looking for.

    Has anyone had to interview to get into the nursing program and can you offer any advice? I'm sure they will ask about my gpa, work experience, why I want to be a nurse but please, I'm all ears.

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  3. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    hi staceym

    congrats on almost being there! my nursing school interview with the dean of my school was a one on one experience. so, i can't really speak for the group interview type. but, i can say what i remember of my experience. it honestly didn't feel like an "official" interview it was more of like a chit-chat with a friendly person, experience. yes, i was nervous beforehand, who wouldn't be. the dean basically went over my whole application portfolio (transcripts, entrance exam, essay, references and recommendations etc.) and asked me some personal questions as well as my reasons for attending the school and why, and other things. it was a formal situation, but it really felt relaxed and informal. she put me at ease right away. she pretty much wanted to get to know me on a one on one basis. to put a face to my application, if you know what i mean. i enjoyed it. she's a very nice lady, great sense of humor and personality.

    i can only imagine in a group interview situation, it would be somewhat the same maybe. except that you'd be with others at the same time during the process. maybe the interviewer not only wants to get to know you, but also wants to see how act and react with different people. or, maybe its a time issue with the interviewer who is wanting to do it all at once. i don't know.

    good luck with your interview.
  4. by   symphie
    I had a group interview for one of the nursing schools I applied for. They took 5 applicants into a room at one time and there were 3-5 "panel" members that were interviewing. They asked 5 questions and gave everyone a chance to answer. On one hand, it was kind of nice if they asked a question you really had to think about because you could let some of the other applicants answer first while you got your thoughts together. On the other hand, it sucked if someone answered before you and had the same answer you wanted to give. Because then, for me at least, I felt like I needed to tweak my answer to stand out and be different.
    I don't remember all the questions they asked (this was almost 2 years ago and the whole morning was kind of a nervous blur, haha). I know they asked about a situation where we had to work as a team, a situation where we had to manage conflict, where we saw ourselves in 5/10 years, what nursing meant to us...and there was one more question I can't remember...

    Hope that helps you a little! Good luck!
  5. by   escapebigd
    We had somewhat of the same thing Symphie mentioned except it was 5 students to 4 interviewers. We had to draw a number and sit in that seat with the number on it. The first interviewer asked the person sitting in chair one a question pertaining to nursing like prioritizing or the definition of nursing to them. Then the second interviewer asked the person in chair two a question. It went like that until everyone had been asked two questions. I think the hardest question I remember being asked was "define skills, knowledge, and morals in reference to nursing, and how have you demonstrated each of these in your life" or something very close to that, I was lucky enough not to get that question. Oh and don't be afraid to ask them to repeat the question if it's a long one or you didn't quite understand it.