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I just turned 28 in November & will be starting college in the Fall of 2013 to get my BSN. I've just not had the time or money to be able to pursue my career until now. I realize that having been... Read More

  1. by   WillLeads2Way
    Kinda in your shoes (read your other posts about concerns with family time). I hope to start the nursing program at 28 years old Fall 2013. I've been married for a year now and will hopefully finish the nursing program when I'm 30. Then I want to work as a nurse for at least a year (to get maternity leave) before starting a that puts me with a baby at about 31-32 and then maybe another at 34-35.

    Guess I'm different from most wives because I never wanted kids in my 20s. I think we are doing ourselves a favor by having kids in early/mid 30s: more stability, more experience being married, more maturity, etc.