Am I shooting to high?

  1. Hi,

    I'm going to be graduating May 2010 from Temple U with B.A. in Anthropology. I'm applying to a few accelerated programs, but am unsure if I set myself up for disappointment. I have a 3.15 GPA and have taken all my nursing pre-reqs (got an A- in A&P I and B in A&P II, A- Micro), but I have repeated non-nursing classes (and never withdrawled from any classes). I use to be a Biochemistry major and then decided it was not for me. I did poorly in Biochem classes. Mostly because of my poor attitude at the time, but I have changed that completely.

    I really want to go into nursing school. I'm trying to get into accelerated 2nd degree programs in PA/MD/NY like BSN Express (Villanova) and Entry To Practice (Columbia). I think my past grades really hurt me even though I got on the dean's list for fall '08 and spring '09 semesters.

    Am I shooting to high? Should I go to regular BSN and RN programs? Also, money wise I don't know if it's worth it going into an accelerated program.


    PS: I'm studying to take my GRE in late September/early October.
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  3. by   SleeplessNVa
    Never doubt yourself.....go for it.

    I know it's not one of the places you mentioned, but it is close to Md. If I had my BA, I'd check out GWU's new second degree bachelor of science in nursing.

    It's in Ashburn VA, which is in Loudoun County, which is very close to Maryland.

    Congratulations on your BA.
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