Almost done with 1st Nursing Courses but i cant see the finish line Almost done with 1st Nursing Courses but i cant see the finish line | allnurses

Almost done with 1st Nursing Courses but i cant see the finish line

  1. 0 Well I have two weeks left of Nur 102, pharm, and dosage calculations....Then on to Nur 104, I don't feel like I'm doing to good I'm making low C s and I need to pass everything else...I was told that nursing school was overwhelming but whew... I'm working an I have a two year old...Im jjust tired all the time an sometimes cant remember what days it is. Stressed,it not the word..I'm really hope these 5 semesters go by fast.
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    I won't be starting until August and I'm nervous about getting overwhelmed. I don't have any advice since I haven't started yet but I hope things get better. Before you know it, it will be time for graduation. Good luck!
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    Just take it day by day. I was an A/B student while taking my prerequisites but once I was in the ADN program I did get a lot of C's... mainly because the grading curve was set higher and you had to get 77% for a C. It is hard and it is stressful. But if you want it bad enough, you will succeed. I was a working mom with 4 kids, so I feel your pain. Tired is not the word...EXHAUSTED is more like it!
    Good CAN do it!
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    I feel your pain! I'm not working, but I have eight kids so that's a job in itself!! I'm in the second semester of a 5 semester Bsn program. Last semester was stressful, but this one is a killer! One day at a time is my motto. I can do day at a time!
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    Yes one day at a time...I just failed my second test so I'm a little dwn I have a headache and I just got off work an have to be back at 7am I'm going to be now...thnx for the encouraging words.
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    where do you live, op? it's not sc, is it? just wondering bc your courses have the exact same names as mine.
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    @ Kirsten

    Yes I live in sc.. I go to trident tech