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Hello everyone! (Please forgive me if there have been previous posts similar to this one. I am new to this forum and love all the advice people give.) I have recently been accepted into... Read More

  1. by   tacomaster
    I agree with all of the previous posts as well. A few little other bullets I would add--
    1. I bought this software called NCLEX 4000. You can make customized tests in subjects you are weak in and it gives you all the rationales as well so it's a good study tool. It is broken down by course such as med/surg, pediatrics, L&D, psych nursing, etc. It's a great tool

    2. I don't buy textbooks because you don't make any money selling them back and they always change editions. I rent mine on It is extremely reasonable and they pay the shipping coming and going.

    3. Nursing school takes a lot of time so you need to be wise with your time. If you don't have to, do not work during the program. The people that have failed in my program are the ones who decided to go be PCAs even though instructors suggested they didn't.

    4. Have one or two people you are really close with that you can vent, study, and talk to. Nursing school is challenging so you need a classmate to depend on. Also, do not share your grades with everyone.

    5. You can make study docs using google docs and have your class work on them together in real time. We do this and it helps with productivity and gives us more time to study in the long run.
  2. by   gatoraims RN
    *I think organization is the key. I write down all my due dates, tests, quizzes, clinicals, and any other meetings we have.

    *Make friend(s), I find that when I vent to my non-nursing school friends they just do not get it, it is nice to talk out things you do not understand with someone in class, if you miss something they can catch you up, they are a great source when you are overwhellemed.

    *Nclex book, I read my text book and then a few days before my exam I review the chapter in my Saunders book and take the quiz. If I do horrible on the quiz I review my notes and that area in my text book.

    * Schedule time to study, make it an apointment.

    * Know that you can do this. It is hard, it is demanding, but it is doable.