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I am going to give a little advice and maybe it will help me, and future nursing students... First, when they say you don't have to read all the chapters, you should really read the chapters. Just try to put things in your... Read More

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    I miss nursing school.... the graveyard shifts and everything in between..
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    Good topic....I like reading these so I can hopefully better prepare myself for my first semester this fall!
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    I understand why you are saying to read the chapters, but if you do, remember that while you need to know the information, you need to apply it more.

    So when you learn about hip replacements and it says the patient should not flex it more than 90degrees, if someone asks you about lifting the cat, you know that they should not reach down to the floor to pick it up. That is what we mean when we say you have to apply the knowledge you learn.

    If you are not in healthcare now in some form, learn your prefixes and suffixes (knowing these will cut down on the actual number of words you need to memorize).

    Start doing nclex style questions now. Don't wait until you are in class. Read the rationales even on the ones you get right. This will help you to learn how to answer these types of questions. There are many free nclex style questions/quizzes available online and if you haven't already, purchase a saunders or lippencott nclex review book with CD. Honestly in block 1, this was the only "extra" text I needed to use along with my required ones.

    If you have trouble with the first test don't fret, do test review with your instructor if offered and if you still have trouble by test two, go get a tutor. They are available! Don't let it get to the end of the semester so you need an A on the final to pass or are concerned you won't pass the HESI (more to come on that later).

    If you join a study group, make sure they stay on task at least 75% of the time. Some socializing is ok, but that is not why you are there. If you can find someone who likes to teach others to run one, get into their group!

    You will have times you feel overwhelmed. Block 1 contains alot of information, most or all of which will probably be new to you. Make sure you take time to care for yourself. Me? I played video games at least once a week with my SO. I took a trip during spring break. I did not cram on test days. (it won't help you anyway). Get a massage, a pedicure, go hiking, fishing, rollerblading, something for yourself besides study. By the end of the block you will be amazed at how much you have learned.

    If your school offers time management, stress reduction, test taking or other workshops to you, take them. These types of workshops are helpful even if you only use one or two tips from them.

    Find a mentor. Hopefully your program pairs second block students with new students. If so, make sure your name is in for it! A good mentor can help you, encourage you and talk you through the rough times...all through school.

    And lastly, remember that you made it this far. You got into the program and this is what you want. So go get it!

    Good luck everyone!
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  4. 0 scared crap-less lol
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    Quote from latoyap83 scared crap-less lol
    Me too! And reading every forum in allnurses isn't giving me much confidence! Not only will nursing school be a two year period of hell on Earth, but I will probably not be able to find a job afterward! Scared doesn't even describe it! But my determination hasn't wavered, so I'm still excited to get started in August.

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