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  1. 0 Hi all! I was just hoping for some guidance. I'm looking at most of the community colleges in New Hampshire, and most of their pre-reqs are just to have high school biology/chemistry/algebra. I've been reading all sorts of posts on here, and I keep seeing people saying they are working on their pre-reqs before they apply for the nursing program. I'm just confused. I've noticed on the 2 year program plan that A&P 1 and 2, as well as microbiology are included in the program. So I'm wondering if the pre-reqs that everyone is working on are these classes, so they can actually focus more on the nursing classes? I'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question. But if any one can enlighten me that would be greatly appreciated!

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    Our program requires A & P 1, Engl and math before you can apply to the 2 year program... acceptance is also on a point system, since nearly 400 apply and about 80 get in each year. The more co-reqs like A & P 2, Micro and all the other fun stuff that you can get done prior to applying, the more points you'll have b/c they see you as having a higher chance of success b/c you will be able to focus on the nursing classes. Hope that helps.

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