ADN Program Scholarships?

  1. Hello everyone! (Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated).

    I was finally accepted into an ADN program after almost 4 years of applying!! I start this January 2013. Now I need to find some scholarships and/or grants to keep me afloat for the next two years! Although I have qualified for financial aid in the past, I don't any longer. Hubby got a promotion and makes slightly too much money now... even though we are barely able to keep our heads out of the water! Go figure!

    Anyway... I would really like to apply for some scholarships-- as many as I can find that I qualify for that is. I've been searching the web for an hour or so and most of the info. and links that I am finding are generic and not "real" scholarship sites.

    Can anyone give some advice or some specific information on where to start? I am in California if thats of any importance.

    Thank you, ahead of time, for any information and resources!!
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  3. by   delawaremalenurse
    talk to the nursing department chair to see what the program has available
  4. by   mind_body_soul RN
    Congrats! Talk to someone in the nursing department at your school. My school's nursing department offers many scholarships to students, it is simply a manner of getting in touch with the right person. Also, talk to your school's financial aid office. Fill out your FAFSA online. You may qualify for more than you think. And the school won't offer you any help until you have a FAFSA on file. The school may have general scholarship funds for academic merit and financial need. I am starting year 3 of my 3 year ADN program this January (took me 1 year to do pre-reqs) and thus far my nursing education has been free. Mind you, tuition and fees are usually less than $900/semester at my rural community college, however it is a great school, accredited, and near 100% NCLEX pass rates. I get in-state tuition waiver for being a military spouse, Pell grant money, 2 scholarships from the school, and military spouse tuition assistance from MyCAA. Start your scholarship hunt at your school. Good luck.
  5. by   mind_body_soul RN
    Oh, forgot to add, the hospital auxiliary here offers scholarships to students from our school that are in the nursing or radiology programs. So that may be another place for you to look.