Accepted to nursing school, but I'm not sure what I want to do afterwards?

  1. My first degree is in English, because I absolutely enjoy translating and analyzing texts, specifically medieval manuscripts. I actually did my senior thesis on medieval bedside manner through literature. However, I decided to apply to an accelerated nursing program, which I will begin in August. I was torn between nursing school and a master's degree in applied linguistics, but I admire medical professionals and it has always been my dream to be a nurse practitioner. In a way, I am still torn, because I'm not sure how much research I will be able to do as a nurse practitioner. I feel that I would be bored without research, but at the same time I'm attracted to the hands-on aspects of being an NP.

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    Just depends on what kind of position you would like to have.. There are a TON of nurse researcher positions at the teaching hospitals that I have seen..for both BS and MS prepared nurses. You learn the basics of research and evidence-based practice with a bachelors degree, heaved focus with a masters, and a doctorate is loaded with it! So many possibilities with nursing - your options are endless. Best of luck!
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    What is there about the role of NP that attracts you? I fear you may be caught up in the myths rather than the realities. Talk to some NPs to find out what their work is really like. Nursing is a very highly regimented profession that would seem to be the polar opposite of linguistics, a field you really love. You may be headed for misery.
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    I've talked to a lot of NPs and I know a lot of people in the field. I also do far better in science classes than I do in English classes. I'm just looking for a way to combine my two interests, because it would be a shame to give up one for another.
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    Hey! I've read a lot of your posts and comments here and there and we have a lot of the same statistics..I noticed that you were applying to accelerated programs so you've obviously been accepted since then! If you don't mind me asking, which one did you decide one? I've applied to a few and am finishing the rest of my pre-reqs this spring for the fall '14 start date. I also want to be an NP too, except one that specializes in psyc and mental health. As far as advice for you, my aunt who works with lots of NP's tells me all of the time that even though I may want to go into psych and mental health now, I may change my mind completely once I start doing clinicals and learn more throughout the accelerated program. So maybe the same advice will work for you and you'll be able to find the perfect job that integrates both research. Congrats on getting accepted and good luck to you in your program!