A&P section on Hesi Pre-Entrance Exam

  1. Hi! To any students that is in Houston, Tx. that has taken the A&P section of the hesi pre-entrance at Lone star. Can anyone remember what the A&P section on the Hesi consists of? I have the study guide and all my A&P books, but it is tons of information and I don't know exactly what to focus on. Please help!
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  3. by   thedon1
    Has anybody responded i am taking the test in august and im finding myself overwelmed by all the a&p info
  4. by   parnelly
    no one has responded yet
  5. by   thedon1
    Hey im in the houston area to if you want to do a study group let me know im taking my august 5th
  6. by   Asinda
    Not to be rude, but nobody has answered this question because:

    a.) You have posted 3 seperate threads all asking basically the same thing. I answered one of them.

    b.) If you are looking for information for a specific school or a specific state, you are supposed to post in the section for your specific state. Go to the Region tab at the top and follow the links to find Texas.

    c.) This may be a more appropriate question for the Pre-Nursing Student forum, instead of General Nursing Student?

    d.) The only thing about the Hesi that changes between schools is which sections you are required to take for their program entrance. I do believe you get a basic mixture of all the same questions no matter where you take the test.
    And the Hesi has been beaten to death on allnurses. Go to the search box at the top and type "Hesi A2" or "Hesi entrance" and peruse your results. You will find lots of tips and information on other people's experiences taking the Hesi.

    Review the A&P section of the Hesi A2 study guide, and spend a little time every day reviewing your A&P class notes or book. I know it seems like a lot, but just do a little bit at a time and don't let yourself get overwhelmed. If you did well in your classes, you don't need to worry much, just do what you can to review. If you didn't do the best, schedule a couple hours a day to review a chapter and you'll get it done with faster than you think!

    Good luck guys!
  7. by   parnelly
    Thank you very much. I am new to this site. Thanks for telling me how it works : )