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2nd Clinical Rotation

  1. 0 My 2nd clinical rotation of NS is OVER!! No more clinicals until the beginning of September whoot! I have one week of medsurg I left with 2 exams then I have a month break from it all!

    How is everyone with summer clinicals/class doing?
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    Glad your torture is coming to an end for a while. Enjoy your summer. I'm in my third week of final quarter before NCLEX: preceptorship and critical care rotation. Still scared that I don't know what I'm doing :uhoh21:but learning loads. Good luck on your exams.
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    Yay for you! I still have 3 weeks left with 3 tests and a final exam plus 3 clinical days. Blah. Then I'm out for about 3 weeks before 4th semester. I'm soooo ready for that break!
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    Huzzah for you! Doesn't it feel good to be done?