2017 Student Survey: What Students Want from Nursing School - School Profiles

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    In order to see what factors students consider important when selecting a nursing school, allnurses conducted a Student Survey over a 5- week period of time in late August through early October 2017. The data provided by more than almost 1,500 respondents has been analyzed and we are pleased to be able to share the results. This is Part 3 of the results - School Profiles.

    2017 Student Survey: What Students Want from Nursing School - School Profiles

    In the fall of 2017 over a 5-week period of time, allnurses members and readers who are future, current, or past students were invited to participate in a 10-minute online survey about important factors to consider when selecting a nursing school. Participants answered 29 questions about their age, school, current educational standing, scholarship availability, school facilities, faculty, tuition, factors they consider most important when selecting a school, etc.

    In the first survey results article, we shared some of the responses to the question "Why did you choose nursing?" The second article focused on the participants.... What Students Want from Nursing School - demographic profiles, trends, and how variables can affect one's priorities when selecting a nursing school.

    In this third article, we will look the school profiles: location, tuitions costs, scholarship opportunities, student experiences... These may indicate what schools think students are searching for in a nursing school. You will be able to use the interactive images below to customize your search.

    Although 43% of the participants are not currently enrolled in a nursing program, they can still offer important input about their nursing school experience. 18.2% of participants are currently enrolled in an ADN/ASN/AAS program, closely followed by 14.6% enrolled in a BSN program. In our 2017 Salary Survey which provided data from more than 18,000 nurses, we found the distribution of current nurses was 39.31% BSN and 37.39% ADN, ASN. Still very close.

    57.77% of the participants attend on-campus classes with 26.20% attending online and 16% hybrid classes. This is not surprising since the majority of enrolled participants are undergrads. When filters are changed to grad students only, 67% of those participants attend online classes, which shows the value of online classes.

    Does the type of degree program, age, or educational standing affect one's view of their personal college/university experience? You can see the wide range of tuition costs. Do you see any relation between tuition and school location? Change the filters and post below if you find any trending information.

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