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zombie zombie is the name how a colleague of mine refers to when she describes her status as a night shift nurse. granted, she loves her grave yard shift, however, itís a total downer to her love life and other personal... Read More

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    I don't think it is an Eeyore issue. For some working nights is just not ever going to be something they can deal with. For a large percentage of the population circadian rhythms are pretty firmly set for daylight hours. Take them out of that and fatigue (both emotional and physical) and depression set in. I certainly have that problem and I am definitely no Eeyore. Night shift has meant intense isolation and for me that equates to loneliness and being very down.

    I hope she is able to find someone or to switch to days. Some things are not worth the money.
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    I was in exactly the same situation about 10 years ago, but then I lucked into a position where we did 7 on / 7 off (7 days/nights on and 7 days/nights straight off). While doing the 7 on, it is like the little train story....you just keep saying I think I can, I think I can, and you get though the week.....then the 7 in a row off, are glorious.

    Most of us would sleep for like 20 hrs after completing the 7 on, then flip to a day schedule for the next 5 days.
    This would be impossible with small children, but as a single person, who wants an active lifestyle, its amazing.

    If she has a supportive manager, who is willing to do creative scheduling, this is one great solution.
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    What is this "social life" thing you speak of??
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    Quote from frankie,rn
    what is this "social life" thing you speak of??
    at this point in the game i can't explain to you personally what is social life, however, it means different things to different individuals, for example my friend of whom i'm referring to in this post she once said to me that she envy my social life. having said that, meaning that she wishes to have a family to come home to, to share her success and failures, friends she could go out with and enjoy her life without any expectations, travel with them, go to the movies with them etc. this is what she said to me one day as her eyes swelled up with tears.
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    Ooops. Meant to say I was doing four 12s/week, and I'm going back to doing 3.

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