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I'm 22 and I just want to see how many young nurses in their 20's are really out there! (Not to offend anyone in their 30's or older!) they say there are less young nurses emerging into the field... Read More

  1. by   Bliss911
    Quote from cjdmomma
    I am ancient. I am graduating nursing school this year, at 33. I have a 12 year old, 9 year old, and 6 year old. I went back to school when my youngest started full time.
    you're not ancient lol
  2. by   %63theend
    I'm not a young nurse but I can tell you about my class (I graduated a year ago). I just pulled up our senior picture and of the 28 of us who were photographed, 14 of those were people in their 20's. So 50%.

    The other 50% breaks up this way- About 25% are people in their 30's and about 25% are in their 40's. 2 people are in their 50's.

    I wish I had gone to nursing school when I was younger. 13 hour shifts with my body and having children and responsibilities is HARD. I think it would've been easier to adjust starting when I was younger and healthier. I've had a lot of health issues in the past year so my body isn't in as good a shape as others my age.