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You sit through 3 red lights before you realize the car in front of you is broken down, and not just stopped at the light. oops.... Read More

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    ....You wake up in a panic when you see your bedside clock says 6:45 and you think you're late....until you realize it's your day off and you actually slept some last night and now it's 6:45 AM
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    ....when, after three decades on the night shift, every phone conversations with your relatives starts out with the obligatory "I'm not waking you up, am I?" (they've all experienced my 3am call 'just to chat' - it keeps them honest!). really, really want to be a contestant on The Amazing Race - because you can totally stay awake / make decisions / keep moving on NO sleep.

    .......the sun hurts your eyes.

    ........ you have ever answered the question "So, where do you nurses sleep at night?" for a patient who has no CLUE what we do.
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    Quote from nightnurse28

    I love me some night shift, but what?!
    Lolol that was my thought too!!
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    ....when you have to hear yet another person say "wow, graveyard shift in a hospital must be so BORING; do you watch tv or something to pass the time?"

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    Quote from WeepingAngel
    I've had whole conversations with people who called my phone during the day when I was sleeping and forgot to silence it, and then totally forgotten the entire conversation. Apparently I can hold up my end of the conversation pretty well though - only my mom can tell when I'm sleep-talking
    Haha definitely do that. But apparently not all the time. Once my sister called during the day and I thought the conversation sounded like this:
    "Hey, what's up?
    "Yeah, what's up?"
    "I said hi! What do you need!"
    She told me later that, instead of saying, you know, words, I was just groaning like Frankenstein's monster. So it was more like:

    (Also, the only thing that scares me in the dark of the night is the the thought that there might be a Weeping Angel hiding somewhere What a cruel username for a night shifter )
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    You go into your pt's room for their 0400 assessment/labs/meds, and they ask you, "Did you sleep well last night, dear?" Some of them not even confused. What the what?
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    The seeing better in the dark comment made me remember the... Few... Times I've told patients/families that they didn't have to turn on the light because "I am so used to doing it in the dark I think I do it better that way." with a huge smile plastered over my sleep deprived face and shock on that family members face. I honestly didn't even realize what I said and proceeded with "I actually prefer the dark anyhow." ugh... They must have thought I was crazy. And possibly one of those "nurses" in an adult movie.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    Quote from JZ_RN
    You reel at the thought of working with... *gulp* management breathing down your neck
    Yes, yes and yes.Also, I like that I deal with less people on night shift.
  10. 7 can't for the life of you remember what day of the week it is much less the actual DATE

    ....the sun comes out and you feel like making a run for the hills because you can't handle the bright light anymore

    ....if you're out on a day off during the day and you can't believe how many freaking other people are on the roads, in the stores, etc!!'ve memorized all the foods in the vending machine, and you still hate all of them, so you go hungry or hope someone has brought in the munchies fan no longer does the trick for the white now have on the order of two or three sound machines going at full blast to help you keep from wanting to murder all the idiots during the day who have not a care in the world for those who have to sleep for work personal favorite.....when you get angrier than hell at people who think those who are up in the middle of the night must be some kind of weirdo or degenerate.....that is....until THEY land their butts in YOUR ER in the middle of the night. Guess we night people are pretty important after all, eh?

    Tried and true nightshifter here
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