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After 27 hours of travel I have arrived. It is very hot, there is no air conditioning and only warm bottled water to drink. On January 14th I had the amazing opportunity to travel to the jungles of southern India on a... Read More

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    Awesome, awesome, awesome story! And I must admit you are a great writer, as I visualized every word you wrote! How I wish I too could one day volunteer my time to assist others in a foreign country - what an honor it would be.

    Thank you

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    Quote from cessnadriver
    India is one of the inddustrial powerhouses of the world economy. In the future India and the Peoples Republic of China will control the worlds economy.
    India produces far far more nurses and physicians than it can use internally. These are commonly from castes much higher than... say the dalit or untouchables. The caste system is a basic and fundemental reason for the abject poverty rampant throughout India... this caste system is incorporated into the dominant religion... Hindu.... this is a culture that has exsisted for several THOUSAND years....

    Sooooooo... with the push for muticultural understanding.. how do we accept a system of class ( caste) that causes the suffering and death of so many people in a country with some of the wealthiest people on the plant?

    Multicultural understanding is the acceptance of another culture WITHOUT judgment... considering what you saw in India.. how can you accept this without passing judgment on the cuture than propagates its and has done so for hundreds of years?
    Just do the best you can with what you have to work with. Remember Mother Teresa. Look what she was up against. yet, with love and persistence, she is known around the world for the loving care she showed for the poorest of the poor. Her work is carried on by many these days. Just do the best you can. Leave the politics to others.
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    I know that this post was placed a while ago, but I am interested in doing a medical mission trip to India as well. Could you please tell me which organization you used? And any other advice. Thank you very much and I am inspired by your story.

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    an enlightening and unforgettable experience,needless to say, thank you for sharing it with us as i applaud your gesture in assisting those in their time of need....aloha~
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    Such a heartwarming story. You brought tears to my eyes!Thank you so much for going to help those that need the most help!
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    Quote from maremma
    such a heartwarming story. you brought tears to my eyes!thank you so much for going to help those that need the most help!
    my sentiments exactly~

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