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i know it's already tough nowadays for american (and american-educated) nurses to find jobs in the us. and i know it will be a lot tougher for me (foreign nurse) but i'm still hopeful. i am licensed... Read More

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    How were you able to get a MA license without having a social security number? That seems like the MABON is giving Filipinos false hope. Many US nurses feel the mass importation of nurses from your country has a lot to do with the problems US nurses are facing today. Many of our OWN citizens can't find RN jobs.

    Hospitals are claim nursing shortages so they can increase the number of H1B visas.It is a political strategy as hospitals like H1B nurses. Foreign nurses have a contract and work under a type of bonded servitude, so are unlikely to complain about unsafe pt to nurse ratios and lack of pt. safety. If you look at the number of RN's in this country compared to the actual number of nurses working as RN's you will realize there is not a nursing shortage, just a lot of nurses fed up with the working conditions. Nurses are now fighting H1B visa's as it is the only way working conditions and safe nurse to pt ratios is going to improve. It's a supply and demand economic situation: by flooding the market with an unlimited number of foreign nurses keeps wages low, and promotes unsafe working conditions. President Obama is also against the lifting of retrogression as he feels we need to employee and retain our nurses first.

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    wow i read that thread and it was annoying. a foreign nurse saying it's "unfair" if they couldn't come to america until the american nurses were happy.
    i missed the foreign part when i said come to TN - i take that back!