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why no tylenol before blood cultures drawn? - page 4

We were just discussing why last night and everyone had a different reason and most just heard not to.... Read More

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    I've never heard of holding Tylenol. We don't do this on our unit. We also don't "hold" antibiotics. We do the blood culture before giving antibiotics but, if for some reason we couldn't do a timely blood culture, we'd still give the antibiotics. Our policy is to start antibiotics within an hour of temp/suspected infection.
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    Thanks for the info on bacteria and 'bursts'! I also worked at a facility that held tylenol before BC's, and I never really got a good answer to the question. Ironically, ASA or ibuprofen was never listed as meds to hold.

    I always assumed that when a fever is higher, there could possibly be less microbial activity. If a fever is the body's way of fighting infection, how can lowering the fever result in a less germs? Your explaination about timing makes it all a bit more logical.

    I really hadn't thought about it in years.