Why do you enjoy being a nurse? What are some things about the profession that you love?

  1. Hello! I'm a sophomore in highschool and I'm considering nursing. I'd like to know why some of you are a nurse, what you like about the job, etc. thank you!
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    That is a good question. There are approximately 4 million RNs in this country and if you ask each one there will be approximately 4 million reasons for why they entered nursing as a profession. I think if you do a search of allnurses you will find many reasons. Personally I felt that I was called by my God to do this. I like it because in the ER I can turn over the patients pretty quickly and make someone who is scared and possibly having one of the worst days in their life less scared and make them feel better. I also like that I can provide for my family since I'm the only one working.