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Why do some people choose to help others in need? What made you want to become a nurse? Was it to help others? Or just for the money? I'm just curious to hear what different people have to say....... Read More

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    (DORK ALERT! skip this post if you hate sentimentalists!)

    All of the jobs I've had were "help others" kinds of jobs. In high school I volunteered at the veteran's Hospital. I was an aide for autistic children for minimum wage, a teacher's aide after college, and I worked up into kindergarten for several years. Now I am a nurse. It's just built into me, I guess.

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    I was tired of "desk jobs" Monday - Friday 9 - 5. It was time for a career change! My sister reminded me that I'd wanted to be a nurse all childhood until our father convinced me in high school to try for medical school which was fine until I found out how much school was involved. After trying multiple majors and different schools and multiple non-medical jobs, I listened to my sister and followed my childhood dream! Nursing has so many options so when my feet get tired or my back goes out, maybe I'll do that desk job again. But until then, I'm enjoying my 3 days a week full time gig saving lives!
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    Since high school nursing is the only career choice I had in mind.. After 6 years in insurance and financial planning I decided to go back to school. It is not so much the pay for me because I was making a lot more before becoming a nurse. I chose it because I wanted a job I could feel good about WMD be proud to do. I love taking care of people to the best of my ability. I used to float so I only had 8 hours to dedicate myself to the station I was on that day, but now I am the charge nurse on our skilled station and I love discharging. I get to watch people progress and leave. I've had my fair share of bad days.. Sometimes it will be a whole week of bad days., but there are also some good days or little good things that make up forth the bad.
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    For me, it's the income and the opportunity to learn and grow. I don't necessarily consider work "helping" since I'm getting paid for doing it. Helping (to me) is when you're not obligated to give, but you do ...and without expecting anything in return.

    I do like that my work has a purpose, but you could say the same thing about any job.

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