Who does your pt assignments? - page 2

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Just curious, since I always thought that the charge RN is "supposed" to do the assignment since they are the person knowledgeable of all the patients in the unit. At my previous job, the prior-shift Charge RN did the... Read More

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    The oncoming charge. They will give you the same patients if you have same ones there again.
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    the charge nurse from the previous shift makes the assignment for my med/surg job. For my L&D job, we meet at the beginning of shift and pow wow and decide who we want/request patients. Typically if we've delivered a mom/baby from the previous shift, we will take them post partum and pick up 2 more mom/baby couplets. If we've done post partum for the past few shifts, we switch to labor. It works really well.
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    The on-coming charge makes the assignments. If we were there the night before, they usually ask us if we want our patients back.

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