White Skin Around Wound

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    My 16 year-old daughter had three moles removed from the bottom of her foot last Thursday -- a not-nice procedure (five shots to numb the area). A week later, one of the wounds is healing nicely (pain down from a 9 to a 4). But one of the other wounds has white puffy skin around the wound and the pain is up there around 8.

    From reading on allnurses, I've learned that this is probably maceration, "softening and whitening of skin kept constantly wet, leaving it more vulnerable to infection or damage by tearing" (Wikipedia).

    What should I do? She's due to go back to the dermatologist next Thursday to have the stitches removed. Should I wait until then? Or what?

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    As per terms of service we are unable to offer medical advice. the best person to discuss this with would be your medical provider or contact the dermatologist office and discuss this with them
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