Where to find OB themed scrub jackets and badge holders?????

  1. I work on the mom/baby unit at my hospital and we wear hospital issued scrubs but we can buy our own jackets. I've been looking online for weeks and I've only been able to find 3 different baby themed scrub jackets (one was the special delivery by Cherokee, and the other 2 were from Landau-baby faces and nursery). I'm also looking for a baby themed retractable ID holder but I can't find one either
    I've looked at allheart, jasco, life, marcus, tafford, nursesstation, amazon.com, ebay, scrubsxpress, and many of the other sites that come up in my searches. Am I looking in the wrong places?
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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  3. by   Gompers

    They have tons of baby-themed jackets.
  4. by   ClassOf2004
    Quote from Gompers

    They have tons of baby-themed jackets.
    Thanks so much!
  5. by   Gompers
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    Thanks so much!
    Just checked out the site again for myself - you have to look around a bit to find all the cute baby-themed stuff. Some is under "babies and kids" and a lot is under "vintage" as well. They change out their materials often, as each jacket is made as it's ordered - and when they run out of a certain pattern, they often just take that one off the website. Same token - they often get new stuff so you always have options.
  6. by   Elektra6
    www.clipeze.com they have badge holders with all different designs