Where is my license number??

  1. 0 I took the nclex-pn on October 31st found out on November 2nd that I passed. My license number has yet to show up on the NCBON. I have called and was told all of my paperwork had been received and my background check has been cleared for licensure and it could take up to 10 days to receive my number. The problem is alot of my classmates that took their nclex after me have already recieved their license number. What gives??? Has anyone else had this problem with NCBON? I am totally frustrated I want to start applying to jobs but your license number is the first thing that ask you...
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    I guess all I can say is that you have received notification you passed, the rep told you all your paperwork has been received and is being processed, so it looks like another day or so and you'll have your number

    Hang in there, there isn't anything more you can do; I suppose if after another two days it's not on the website you can call again. Still, sounds like it's going to show up shortly!
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    Don't be afraid to call again & again if more time passes. I don't think you can be denied a license for calling the BON too much.
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    Thanks I guess i am just anxious i want to start applying to jobs but feel like I need my license number first, I'm trying to to be patient but it is hard!!
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    Sometimes, it's just a matter of when they get around to your paperwork, and they don't necessarily do that by school.

    Seriously, call/e-mail the BON and ask as much as you need to (I would limit it to once a day though). Also keep checking on the BON website.

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