Where do I study the prerequisites for ABSN program Chicago

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    Hi All,
    I already have a bachelors degree in a non-nursing background. I will be joining an Accelerated BSN program. I wanted to know if has any suggestions regarding where should I get my prerequisites done. I am in Chicago and I don't want to spend a lot to finish my prerequisites.
    Thanks in advance.

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    As long as the courses will transfer and fulfill the pre-reqs, take them at your local community college.
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    Thanks for your help. Please let me know if anyone is already into the completion of the prereqs and how much are they paying from which college.
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    I got to Triton. It's pretty cheap, might still be the lowest tuition in the state. Look them up, they are in River Grove. I do not know if you are in district. If you are actually in the city of Chicago, this is the website and you can see what district you are in. http://www.ccc.edu/

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