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HELLO everyone! I'm in a bit of a sticky situation any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I have a family friend (whom I have not spoken to in years) call me a few weeks ago basically begging for help since she was diagnosed... Read More

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    Quote from eriksoln
    You are no good to her if you cant stand being around her. CA or no CA . . . . .
    This pretty much sums it up. I'm not going to repeat all the good advice in previous posts. Just do what you can. Also, I would be wondering if she was actually diagnosed with cervical CA given what you've said about her previous antics. I guess demanding to see the pathology report would be a little callous . . . . .

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    Thank you all so much for all of your advice! I am going to set limits on how much I am there for her and if she gets upset or passive aggressive about it then I guess I will have to call her on it. I feel that I know how to deal with friends and difficult people fairly well but I've never been in a situation where that person has cancer!

    Thank you again for your honesty and advice!!

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    People like this are basically "emotional vampires". They will suck the life out of you and then drop you like a rock when you are no more use to them, going on to the next person.
    The best thing you can do here is, as others said, set limits on your involvement. Instead of becoming her "personal servant" research and give her the information for appropriate agencies and organizations for help she may need. I can almost guarantee she will have a dozen excuses why "that won't work", but don't buy into that.
    Aside from that, I'd agree with others that the "diagnosis" is probably exaggerated as well, especially if the "treatment" is simply a d&c., which from personal experience I can say takes only a few days to get over and back to work.

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