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We are angels of mercy. Despite politics, administration, and corporate control ...we want to take care of people. When did you feel you had achieved YOUR real meaning of being a nurse?:nurse:... Read More

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    I don't know if I will earn them.. but I feel them slightly poking out of my back... I have been called an angel by so many patients in all the settings I have worked and also by people that don't know my profession. Some days I feel clueless and others, I feel proud to call myself a nurse. It makes me feel that one day they will eventually sprout

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    I'm not an angel of mercy, so I have no wings.

    But somewhere in my 3rd year, I started to feel like "a real nurse".
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    Quote from Been there,done that
    When did you feel you had achieved YOUR real meaning of being a nurse?
    To me the real meaning of being a nurse is helping people, and I feel that that's what I'm doing every single day. I sure as heck know I'm trying, anyway!
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    I feel my wings appeared when I was fresh off orientation and "flying free" on my own.

    Not necessary thick wings that allow for graceful flying. I think the wings strengthen as time goes on, so you don't fall down as much.
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    "Angel of Mercy" reminds me of the serial killers dressed up as nurses....

    It was different in different settings.
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