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I am 34, and recently quit my job as a corporate manager. It was a job I stumbled into, and there were things about it I loved - namely the people I worked with - but I found I missed simple human... Read More

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    I wouldn't go back to acute care Med/Surg nursing for all the tea in China *because* it is not about direct patient care anymore.

    It's true that as a new graduate you might have to spend a year in that setting to earn your stripes, so to speak. However, once you are a seasoned nurse, there are countless avenues of nursing that are NOT that acute care setting.

    I work Infusion Center nursing. A vast majority of our patients are Oncology patients. I absolutely get the chance to sit and hold hands. I get face to face patient time, cushy daytime hours and LOW patient to nurse ratios. If I opt to stay in nursing (still trying to decide where I'm going for graduate studies) I will likely head towards pediatrics, palliative care, or hospice. That's my personality. I went into nursing for pretty much what you are talking about, the direct contact with the patients. I have gone down areas of nursing that give me exactly that.

    I was shadowing on a Med/Surg unit this last week. I went back to my Dept and told my manager that the experience reminded me that I do NOT miss that world and that angle of nursing is NOT FOR ME.

    If that were all that nursing was, I would have never come back to this profession. It's not. There are lots of avenues of nursing.
    I can relate to your comment. I worked as a secretary on a med surg floor and the vast majority of nurses who worked there were very jaded. It was because of this that I was dissuaded to pursue nursing. Now here I am ten years later deciding to go back to school for nursing because I know now that nursing is very diverse and it is possible to change specialties to find your niche.

    I'm under no disillusions that nursing will be easy. I expect to get frustrated occasionally, but I also know that healthcare is a passion of mine. I think your perception will have a big influence on how much you enjoy your job. Also, it would be my advice to stay far away from the negative nelly's as much as possible because negative people have a way to drag you down with them.

    I also believe that nursing seems a profession where you have to pay your dues, so take everything in stride. Find what setting speaks to you and pursue a higher education and you will most likely create a very rewarding career.

    OP I think if this is something you are interested in pursuing then absolutlely you should pursue it. Life is short and people often regret the things they didn't do, then trying something new and realizing it wasn't for them. I also think that shadowing and working as a CNA are great ideas.

    I don't know you personally, but you seem kind and intelligent in your post and those are both great qualities to have as a nurse!

    - I also hope that I didn't offend any med surg nurses. There were some on my floor that were awesome and while it may not be everyone's cup of tea I think you can learn a lot of great skills on that type of floor.