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What are you supposed to do at YOUR hospital. Im not sure if it's different on every ward or what the case. But, what would you do in this situation. Come on to shift patient ob's stable, medications given as charted,... Read More

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    DNR=DNR=DNR=DO NOT RESUSCITATE. I would be very upset if, after making the decision to have an advanced directive such as DNR in place, a nurse took it upon her/himself to override the DNR order.

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    when i said not out of the ordinary i was just meaning the BP, sorry that I wrote it funny.

    And our hospital policy is that we STILL call a code if a patient is DNR and they go down the tubes like this. They didn't do CPR or anything like that. But, they can still do other things like certain medications and scans to figure out what is wrong. Right?

    If I had a doctor on the floor I wouldn't call a code but, when there is no doctor it makes it a lot harder.
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    Even if a pt is DNR, I still call RRT for a serious change in condition, unless they are on comfort care/hospice... so, not a "code" as such, but just for another opinion on the pt. and extra input as to where to go from there... especially if the pt. seems to be suffering. Just because a pt. is DNR doesn't mean we shouldn't treat... it just means no CPR.

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